Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Our technology and data science team specialises in advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Amongst other projects, the team is continuously developing and improving expert systems and deep neural networks that analyse asset images to identify key characteristics, undertake automatic segmentation and recommend property management and monetisation requirements. Through the use of automation, we are able to quickly and efficiently collect, analyse, validate and visualise large data sets, reduce data processing time and address mundane tasks.

Market Intelligence

Resolute has developed market intelligence solutions that capture large data sets and transform them into meaningful data points on the illiquid or non-transparent markets on which we often operate. Through our economic intelligence platforms, we hold and filter thousands of real estate comparable transactions. This allows users an in-depth interactive analysis of market activity and the relative liquidity of assets. A range of products are available, from one-off reports to subscriptions and customised databases.

Real Estate Management System

Resolute’s real estate asset management technology platform is scalable from single assets to the very largest REO portfolios. Property management and sales management are both integrated within this solution, allowing an end-to-end tool for real estate assets. Bespoke client access and complex query over big data is provided by web, mobile interfaces as well as custom systems integration through rest-apis. The platform integrates comprehensive and interactive real time portfolio / asset reporting features that are supported by customisable data ingestion service and business intelligence dashboards.

Loan Asset Management System

Resolute’s loan asset management platform maps the complete NPL lifecycle from the on-boarding of a loan until its resolution. Designated access and control procedures allow loan officers to capture a full set of collateral and loan specific data. This data is then analysed to provide a range of loan resolution and collateral monetisation options. The system uses powerful business intelligence analytics to monitor progress of the portfolio and provides real time reporting at the loan and portfolio level.