Real Estate Management

Resolute develops and implements liquidity creation strategies for real estate owned (REO) assets of public sector clients. Our expertise covers granular and single asset issues, including illiquid assets and markets. We assist clients through implementing a rigorous process from asset management and preparation through to pricing, sales channel management and closing. Our intensive approach is anchored in real-estate expertise in our markets, from physical reviews of assets through to establishing comparable market data.

Strategic Advisory & Implementation

Resolute has substantial expertise in developing and implementing value creation plans to reinforce our clients’ objectives. We seek to understand the client’s key objectives and constraints in order to develop a clearly defined and comprehensive real estate strategy or restructuring of an existing portfolio. We deliver these solutions through a combination of proprietary analytical and segmentation frameworks, specialised technology solutions, local market knowledge and deep real estate experience. The advantages we bring to our clients are a specialised / focused real estate product offering, providing “best practice” advice and solutions that are practical and tailored to local markets, and being able to assist with both implementation and execution. For our public sector clients, where their real estate assets are often not their core focus, we are able to bring class leading analysis and structural solutions, which will enhance their core strategic objectives.

Technology Solutions

Resolute’s proprietary analytics and technology platforms enable end-to-end management of real estate assets and portfolios for our public sector clients. We recognise that our clients in this sector do not view their real estate holdings as core, and often have management information systems that have not been integrated.

We provide solutions by combining our proprietary database and information management solutions, together with the development of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning programmes by our Data Science team, which transforms the management and efficiency of our clients’ real estate assets.

Resolute’s real estate asset management technology platform is scalable from single assets to the very largest REO portfolios. Property management and sales management are both integrated within this solution, allowing an end-to-end tool for real estate assets. Web-based, this tool allows bespoke client access. The platform integrates comprehensive and interactive real time portfolio / asset reporting features that are supported by customisable business intelligence dashboards.

Asset Management Advisory

Public Sector clients turn to Resolute for expert guidance in the elaboration, creation and implementation of world class real estate investment and asset management organisation, process and discipline.

Based on the combination of Resolute’s own asset management capabilities and discipline and the deep industry experience of the Resolute team, our proprietary approach allows clients to enhance their real estate investment and asset management processes to improve risk-adjusted efficiency and performance. The Resolute team utilises a 4-stage process involving (i) mapping of objectives, assets & management capability, (ii) strategy & process definition and structure design, (iii) structure and portfolio creation, and (iv) ongoing implementation and monitoring support. Our Asset Management Advisory activity is supported by a specialised technology platform designed specifically for this purpose.