Asset Management Advisory

Based on the combination of Resolute’s own asset management capabilities and discipline and the deep industry experience of the Resolute team, our proprietary approach allows clients to enhance their real estate investment and asset management processes to improve risk-adjusted efficiency and performance. The Resolute team utilises a 4-stage process involving (i) mapping of objectives, assets & management capability, (ii) strategy & process definition and structure design, (iii) structure and portfolio creation, and (iv) ongoing implementation and monitoring support. Our Asset Management Advisory activity is supported by a specialised technology platform designed specifically for this purpose.

Asset Management

Resolute provides ongoing real estate asset management for a range of Institutional investors and family offices. We specialise in the design and implementation of intensive value creation plans for real estate portfolios and individual assets that require innovative asset solutions with effective, measurable results. Our main area of expertise is managing assets or portfolios of assets that have high added value potential. We manage each asset as if it were our own, taking full responsibility for all aspects of value creation and delivering results for our clients. Our approach is centred around (i) initial assessment of the asset/ portfolio, (ii) business plan development and implementation, (iii) exit strategy and monetisation.

Technology Solutions

Resolute’s web-based technology platform enables the end-to-end management of large asset portfolios and individual assets. Features can be fully customised to client’s needs, with the ability to bring together a range of granular data on an asset by asset basis. The platform integrates comprehensive and interactive real time portfolio/ asset reporting features that are supported by customisable business intelligence dashboards. This technology platform is further complemented by our real estate research on a number of markets.


Our technology and data science team also specialises in the development of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning programmes, which give us the competitive edge of being relevant in our markets of operation.